Using Anchor Text and Nofollow

I’ve now redone the home page of the site, and added the final shoppingcart item,  which is a simple WordPress theme match without a content importation.  In my rush to get the site live, I completely left that out, but now the shopping page is complete.

As a quick lesson in SEO, I’ll point out that on the homepage I’ve added text links to the purchase page,  using different anchor text five times.

Because I don’t have a lot of content on this site yet, I’ve chosen to place four primary search phrases there, made them bold, and then linked all four to my shopping cart page.

The fifth link, near the bottom of the homepage is nofollowed, so that I’m not wasting any link juice following text for which I don’t care to rank. Make sense?

Future posts will go into the plug-ins being used, but first I have to get the privacy and contact pages up, (which of course will be nofollowed). Stay tuned…

Free WordPress Installation

All of our products are in place, the add-ons have been priced, the shopping cart is working, and our site is live. Woohoo!

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Where are the servers really located?
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Is your website safe?
All sites are backed up twice daily, so yes, your data is safe.

Is it fast and reliable?
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How much does it cost?
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Instant WordPress Upgrades!

Downloading and uploading files for WordPress upgrades takes a little while, and the manual upgrade process can be somewhat tedious. That’s why frequently, WordPress installations get ignored until they are far out of date.

I ran across a plug-in last night that was absolutely amazing, and I just tried it this morning – It’s called the WordPress automatic upgrade.

I just upgraded a blog from an older version 2.2, to a new version 2.31 in under three minutes total.

I downloaded the plug-in, uploaded to the plug-ins directory, activated, and then clicked the link inside the description of the plug-in to begin.

It automatically deactivates and reactivates your plug-ins during the install, and backs up the files for download too, before the upgrade takes place.

For some reason, the “automated version” failed, but manually clicking next, next, next, had me completed in under three minutes, including downloading the backup file.

There’s really no FTP time either up or down, because the server goes directly to to get the latest version. This is totally awesome, and this plug-in needs to become a part your standard upload.

Keep in mind of course that any plug-ins that don’t work with the new versions are going to delete you screwed and force a manual upgrade, but the new plug-in page from WordPress 2.3x on will now automatically tell you when a plug-in is out of date. Try it for yourself

WordPress 2.3 RC1

Release candidate one for WordPress 2.31 was released less than a day ago.

It supposedly fixes about 20 known issues from the recent 2.3 update and will likely be well worth taking a look at.
As cool as the changes in version 2.3 were, it presented quite a nightmare to those that attempted upgrades without doing much research.

Many old plug-ins were broken – more than I can even believe, but it did force me to evaluate all of my own installations, both for myself and for clients, and two people are now making the rounds doing all of the upgrades for all the software as well as all the plug-ins,

Stay tuned for further notice on an actual release of 2.31, and if you’re brave enough (I’m not)  install the RC and tell me how it is 😉