Requirements For Working With Get WPress

If you give us top level hosting Control Panel access, we’ll take it from there, or you can provide each of several specific details. Your choice. This is the order form you will be asked to complete before we go live.

For security purposes, if you do not wish to give us full top level webhosting CP access, you can just provide the:

  • A new & empty MySQL database (usually created with phpMyAdmin)
  • The exact URL or IP of the MySQL database path
  • The database name
  • The database username
  • The database password
  • The ftp path – Exact URL
  • The ftp username for root access and permissions
  • The tested and functional ftp password
  • Unrestricted .htacesss and php.ini access

What if you don’t know all the answers for the form?

Then you’ll need to either provide us with full control panel access, or you can ask your IT department, your tech people, or your office “computer person” for help.

What if the IT people don’t know, or what if they only have SOME of the answers?

Then give us full CP access – or – phone your web host for assistance and have them walk you through creating these things – or – get a new hosting account at ANY Cpanel enabled web host, and we’ll take it from there.

What if  you don’t know even who your Web host is, and you have no computer guy to ask?

Hmm, it’s not looking good, is it? Then I’m sorry, but unless you know all these details, you’ll have to either pay an additional $250 fee for our time, or get a new hosting account like InMotion.