Downloading and uploading files for WordPress upgrades takes a little while, and the manual upgrade process can be somewhat tedious. That’s why frequently, WordPress installations get ignored until they are far out of date.

I ran across a plug-in last night that was absolutely amazing, and I just tried it this morning – It’s called the WordPress automatic upgrade.

I just upgraded a blog from an older version 2.2, to a new version 2.31 in under three minutes total.

I downloaded the plug-in, uploaded to the plug-ins directory, activated, and then clicked the link inside the description of the plug-in to begin.

It automatically deactivates and reactivates your plug-ins during the install, and backs up the files for download too, before the upgrade takes place.

For some reason, the “automated version” failed, but manually clicking next, next, next, had me completed in under three minutes, including downloading the backup file.

There’s really no FTP time either up or down, because the server goes directly to to get the latest version. This is totally awesome, and this plug-in needs to become a part your standard upload.

Keep in mind of course that any plug-ins that don’t work with the new versions are going to delete you screwed and force a manual upgrade, but the new plug-in page from WordPress 2.3x on will now automatically tell you when a plug-in is out of date. Try it for yourself