All of our products are in place, the add-ons have been priced, the shopping cart is working, and our site is live. Woohoo!

As an introductory offer, we are giving away one free default installation of WordPress with every web hosting package.

Upon completion of a web hosting sign-up, simply e-mail support and request your free WordPress installation. Within 24 hours, (one business day) we will install WordPress on your domain, and e-mail you your admin username and password.

An account sign up with our Portland, Oregon Web hosting partner only takes a minute. This offer may not last – (but then again, it may!)

Where are the servers really located?
In Portland Oregons Pittock building & data center right in downtown Portland Oregon. We are simply a reseller of a virtual hosting package from Sri Lanka.

Is your website safe?
All sites are backed up twice daily, so yes, your data is safe.

Is it fast and reliable?
Yes, very. The Pittock center is a state of the art facility that is used by XO communications, and Easystreet, and many other local ISP’s. There is no faster or more secure public web hosting facility in the state of Oregon

How much does it cost?
Plan prices and instant signups start at $9.99 per month.

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