If you have a website, perhaps even one that we have built for you, you may find yourself frustrated by the fact that your leads are coming into your spam folder.

This is very common, and the primary reason is because technically, the email you are receiving is not really “from” the person that is says is who sent it. It’s actually coming from your web server, quite often with the visitor’s name as the sender.

You Need Reliable Lead Delivery

As spam increases worldwide, the bigger companies have started cracking down on their mail servers more and more, and just sends it to the spam folder, or even outright rejects it.

How Can You Fix It?

You can ensure that the forms on your website are sent with “authentication” through an actual mail server, rather than by the default sendmail or php functions in WordPress.

We use the the WPMail SMTP plug-in for consistency, and a new emailbox created on your domain, like webleads@yourdomain.com.  Alternatively, we can even use an existing mailbox to send with.

Setting it up yourself is easy, if you don’t want to share a sensitive email password with us.

To set up the WP Mail SMTP plug-in, you need these things:

  • SMTP Server address: (like smtp.example.com)
  • SMTP Port Number:  This is specified by your mail host, usually 465 or 997
  • Username: (typically the full email address)
  • Password: (Min 8 charaters – no dictionary words, and at least one of each upper case, lower case, number, special character.
  • Security Settings: (should be set at your mail host to SSL ot TLS)


Google Workspace / Gmail

When the email is hosted by Google (whether a gmail or a workspace account) you need to add create an app in your Google Wordkspace. Your administrator can follow the instructions here.

Microsoft Hosted Mail

When the email address is hosted by Microsoft, it gets a bit more complicated, and if you’re using Office 365 to host your mail, or you want to di it with an Outlook.com address, then need a Microsot Azure Web App created. Your Microsoft server administrator can follow the instructions here.

By using an SMTP plug-in, you’re not just sending emails;  you’re sending them the right way. So say goodbye to the spam folder frustration and hello to reliable lead delivery!