On Friday we launched a new WordPress site conversion, taking an existing website that the users were paying $200 per month for maintenance, and converting the entire thing into a WordPress system.

They were happy with their look and feel what unhappy with having to keep someone on retainer just to make a couple of changes each month, featuring two of their tenants.

The site is an executive suite rental business, and the transition was completely seamless. They now have the ability to make changes themselves, and within just a few months, will recoup their entire investment.

Additionally, because the site is now in WordPress, all of the URLs are search engine friendly, and no longer contain multiple parameters that the search engines may have trouble crawling.

They can individually control all of their title tags, keyword tags and the meta description tag, so if they put their mind to it, they should now rank well in the search engines.

Here are some samples of our WordPress site matched themes, and site conversions