There’s a really great plug-in that was made that allows the authors to have a profile page. One huge problem with it though, is that if the author has a long biography, it all runs together in one paragraph.

We’ve been using it in several places for quite awhile now and although it recognizes standard .html for making links, nothing we did would force manual linebreaks. It was REALLY irritating and quite unprofessional looking.

Over on Lorele’s blog I found a suggestion but I couldn’t get that working either so I posted on the actual plug-in page. Finally, things slowed down enough that I asked Heather, our #1 programmer to try and figure it out and she was able to.

It turns out that the plug-in itself has to be edited, and rather than explain it here I’ll just place a version of the edited plug in.

So for those of you wish to force line breaks in the get author profile plug-in, you need to replace your version with this version and then simply type this >>> where you want the line break

Thank you to the original creator of the plug-in, thank you to Lorelle for almost solving it, and a giant thank you to Heather for actually making it work!

* There is no support for this edited plug-in, so any comments other than “thank you” will likely not be answered 😉