The Big WordPress Ping List

Update 2012:
Stop using a big ping list – You’re just adding to the noise.
Pingomatic is all you need…

Old Info:
Having a big ping list added to your WordPress blog is not going to make or break you, but the more exposure, the better, right?

At a recent presentation I gave about using WordPress, I was adding a slide about the ping list, and decided to count them. I was surprised to see that there were only 46, but that’s what I put in the slide.

Apparently, at some point over the last couple of dozen installations, I dropped off a batch from my list, and even my own blog was running short.

Going back through my files and folders, and even some old blogs, I’ve now recompiled my ping list, and removed the duplicates, and I’m posting them here for your viewing pleasure.

To add to your ping list –

  • login to WordPress admin
  • go to the options tab
  • go to the writing sub tab
  • scroll further down than you probably ever have before
  • paste into the field

There’s an old thread here at Digitalpoint with some detailed info for better pinging too, but I disagree with the detractors there. My own experience has shown me that it’s NOT a wasted or duplicated effort, I prefer these “manual” pings over Pingomatic, and that the no ping waiting plugin is was very cool. (sorry, the domain is gone!)

That’s it. Feel free to copy and paste my list below, with no reciprocal link required, no thanks necessary, and no paypal donation sent to scott (at) 😉

(I would however appreciate any comments added here if you notice anything missing…)…

*** update May 2010***

In the 2 1/2 years since I wrote this post, ping services have grown, and while I’ve never seen anyone get banned for over-0pinging, I’ve heard about it, and reducing redundant pings is a good thing.

Therefore, I recommend you read the May 28 2010 commenters article below –


which recommends using two other WordPress plugins that will eliminate pinging after an edit and another that will eliminate duplicates from your ping list

43 thoughts on “The Big WordPress Ping List

  1. I’ve not updated it since posting, other than removing one that I knew was dead.

    Tat was one of the reasons I posted mine because I couldn’t seem to find anything newer.

    I’d love to do a more updated list, but I really have no new information to add and no reason to pull any out at this time.

    PS – I also don’t know where to find anything newer, and I see there’s nothing more recent on Google, so if somebody has a better resource, please comment here

  2. I have tried to find if the list is updated and like you said, there’s nothing more recent on Google!

    I also have put the list in thnx for sharing and your comment! 😀

  3. Very nice listing, thanks alot. I compiled it togethere with my existing ping list and remove duplicated one. Total 100 list I got.

  4. That’s great, Karirin, and if you’d like to post your list here as a comment, feel free, since it can only improve upon what’s here already.

  5. having hard time finding where to post ping list.I am using default WP.when I go to dashboard I see on top please.Thanks

  6. In the admin section, (using WP 2.5x ?) just go to Settings – Writing and scroll to the bottom where you can paste the list…

  7. thanks Scott I will take a look.I did installed the backup plug-in and works.My main concern is how can you tell if a plug-in or wp theme has a back door adware or virus.

  8. Hmm, I suppose I’ve only discovered viruses in WP by visiting it once it’s already corrupted, or seeing it flagged by Google. You could tell though, by using a 3rd party tool like McAfee Site Advisor or

  9. Great List !!! I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  10. Long ago I made the assumption that pinging all takers was the best choice, and it’s served me well so far. As far as the delay, no, it’s really not slowed down posting at all…

  11. I found a couple of ping services I didn’t have on my list and added them.

    I started adding a few a couple of days ago, and my web traffic seems to be climbing a bit.

    Thanks for the list.

  12. Big ping lists are becoming very popular. The problem is duplicate URLs that cause double pinging.

    I have a new plugin that checks the ping list and reports the number of times it finds a duplicate. I felt that it was needed to prevent double pinging.

    You can find it on the Spunky Jones Blog

  13. I agree with what a lot of the comments have been saying about over-pinging services. If you end up pinging a long list of xml-rpc ping sites, you’ll end up pinging some of them (like google) 10X+ every time that you post. The better way would be to use a one-click service like PingNinja where it will do all the pinging for you, not to mention doesn’t over-kill the concept (it gets all the major/strategic services). It’s also 3x faster than most other ping sites, not to mention by doing it on a 3rd party website you’ll be taking the CPU load off your own (which means no server hiccups for visitors of your site).

  14. The list is too big for me and chances r there that you end up pinging one site many times n getting banned b’coz multi pinger sites like automatically ping many other sites in the list.

  15. You know, this is an old post that needs updating anyway, but and you’re absolutely correct – Using all these services is no longer a good idea.

    While I’ve only heard about it, and never seen anyone / anything get banned, reducing the redundant pings can only be a good thing…

    I’ve read your article, and it’s pretty clear. I also see that your ping list is far larger than mine 😉

  16. Agreed – it’s old and useless – I should update, but the reality is that it’s no longer needed – – that’s it – no more…

  17. It does make a lot of difference in pinging multiple ping services.

    However, the list does needs to be updated.

    Best watch out for over pinging as well. You could end up blocking your site.

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