2015-04-09 15.33.16I’m writing this as an apology to all those sites we’ve worked on in the past, and all the sites that we maintain now, which are using Gravity Forms.

As far as we can tell, Samsung S4 and S5 phone users cannot fill in their phone number with the Gravity Forms plugin that we put on your website.

This morning it came to my attention that for Samsung Galaxy4 or Galaxy5 Android users, they cannot type in their phone number on a mobile phone without it coming out backwards.

I got a note from a client that her form seemed wiggy from her phone, and when i looked, sure enough, it was screwed up.

At the time, I didn’t realize we both had the same phone, so I began testing other sites with the Gravity plugin everywhere, and the results were the same.

Typing 503-761-2931  comes out  139-216-7305

After confirming the problem on every single site I visited,  I began asking others to test, and it turns out that iPhones work fine and so do some older Android phones, but so far, there’s no clear pattern emerging beyond Samsung S4 and S5, but there was a Motorola Droid that had problems too.

How Can You Fix It Right Now?

4-9-2015 4-29-28 PMThis issue has been reported to Gravity Forms already, and while I’m hoping for a fast fix from them, we did change forms on  quite a few client sites.

We had to remove the default “Phone Number” field and replace it with a single line text box. The problem there though, is when you delete the old phone field, you’re warned that you’ll lose the old phone number data, so if you may want to make a copy of the form first.

Will You Help Troubleshoot?

If you have an Android, would you please try the form below? Don’t even submit it, just click on the phone field and begin to type.  Does your phone number go in the correct order for you?

Demo - Gravity Forms Android Bug

  • Enter your phone number from a Samsung S4 or S5 and watch it come out backwards.


Please reply in the comments below if you have any insights. We’re still trying to figure out which phones are affected…