Velata WordPress Theme

*Update February 2013 – This theme is no longer for sale because Scentsy sent us a cease and desist letter claiming copyright infringement. 

Scentsy Inc. recently unveiled a new line of fondue warmers and fondue chocolate, called Velata.

They made the announcement at its annual conference in Las Vegas, and we were approached almost immediately to create a theme.

Just like our Scentsy theme, we tried to match all of the features identically, and the only thing missing is the “slide up” functionality of the brown bar at the bottom of the web browser which is integrated into the Velata corporate sites.

We had to remove our screen shot of the theme, because it used the Velata logo


There WAS an easy back end setup, to enter your user ID and upload your photo..



Sorry, Instant Access is gone – Single Use or Developers Version