Scentsy WP Theme

*Update February 2013 – This theme is no longer for sale because Scentsy sent us a cease and desist letter threatening to sue us.


Specialty Theme for Scentsy Consultants – Now Gone

Satisfaction 100% GuaranteedAs a Scentsy Independent consultant, you want a WordPress theme to match the same look and feel that you have at your Scentsy corporate site.

You want WordPress in your own domain, but when folks browse products, you need a seamless transition that feels like the same site.

When people click on your links, you want them to go to your Scentsy links so you get commission, and you don’t want to have to pay an arm and a leg!

Well too bad… We can’t sell you our $39 theme anymore, because Scentsy threatened to sue us if we didn’t stop.

We HAD exactly what you want!

Install this Scentsy theme on your WordPress site – activate – and match your corporate look instantly, without making any change to your existing site.
If you’ve made your navigation or widgets already, then we’ll leave it alone.