Agency WordPress Services

We create and convert existing websites into SEO friendly WordPress environments efficiently and economically, for a quick agency turnaround time.

We follow industry best practices that ensure it’s done correctly, and we don’t charge you the balance until after the new site is indexed by Google.

Agencies buy from us after spending endless hours determining exactly what their clients want through emails, phone calls and in-person meetings.

If you have a style guide for company branding, or a graphic artist who can provide PSD files, then great – we’ll follow it to the pixel responsively, and white label it to you.  If you don’t have those, then we’ll just take care of the design to your specs.

We are a “one-size-fits-most” WordPress shop and here’s what we do very well:

  • Convert your existing website into a WordPress environment
  • Implement WordPress SEO best practices
  • Implement mobile options
  • Provide unbranded training videos
  • WP maintenance & backup

We may be able to import your content from your old website…

In larger site conversions from other content management systems, you can often get an export of your existing into a MySQL database. When that’s the case, it can almost always be manipulated and imported into WordPress.

From XML site maps to categorized title tags, we use the latest cutting edge plug-ins available from the open-source WordPress community, with some tweaks of our own.  We do it “right”. After all, we have a reputation to maintain!

When the time comes to make the website live on your server, we will either need:

  •  Web hosting control panel access – (as an admin user we can care of everything)

Or we’ll need each of these seven components provided:

  • A new MySQL database created
  • The MySQL database web accessible path
  • MySQL admin username
  • MySQL password
  • PHP Admin access URL
  • FTP path
  • FTP username
  • FTP password

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