WordPress Affiliate Program

How can you possibly have a profitable affiliate program for a piece of free software? Because WordPress is becoming so popular, that’s how! The signup form is at the bottom of this page…

We’ve become world-class experts at WordPress, and have learned from the best, but now WordPress use will spread even further, and this software will start to hit the masses.

Just take a look at this WordPress trend since 2002 – 


We offer top-quality WordPress site matching services and we have examples.  As an affiliate, you can even demonstrate your own knowledge of WordPress to as an author on our blog.

As a blog author, you may have a profile page that allows back links for your related businesses, and everybody wins. You win, because you don’t have to do this work yourself, or hire someone else to do it. In return, you get a percentage of every sale.

We win, because you’re adding good content to our community, as you write about WordPress related issues.

Your client wins because they get top quality guaranteed work, that looks as if it came from you. As an affiliate, you may buy for your clients through your own affiliate link and bill as you see fit.  Or, if you refer them directly,  we’ll take good care of them, and you still get paid. Either way, the end user is happy.

We are also offering a two-tiered affiliate program, which means you not only get paid for anyone you refer, but for anyone that they refer as well, if they sign up as an affiliate. If you are already an affiliate, you can log into affiliate control panel here –

  • 12% commission on all sales
  • 3% tier 2 commission on all sales
  • 365 day tracking cookies for all clicks
  • As an agency, you MAY purchase through your own affiliate link
  • Monthly payouts made via Paypal for security and trackability
  • You MAY run PPC ads for services (subject to change)

This affliate program has been temporarily disabled…

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