Job Order Details


Job Order Details

  • Basic Info:

    Unless you request otherwise, all development is done on our servers, and all we need is your name, phone, email, and file uploads or links to your files. No usernames or passwords are required yet.

  • Please use the box below to tell us anything else we might need to know. Did you phone or email? If so, please recap the conversation briefly, and include any relevant information.

  • Scroll down to upload files...

  • Usernames and Passwords (optional)

    Scroll past this section to upload your logo or other file(s). Unless you'd like to provide them, your usernames and passwords are not yet required.
    We do 99% of all development on our own servers, and only transfer it to yours once you're completely satisfied and pay any remaining balance.

  • File Uploads

    Please send us links to your files if you've got them online somewhere, and don't forget you can zip together files.

    However, if you don't know how to do that, or you only have them on your local computer, then just use the individual upload boxes below.

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