Changing Gravity Forms Description Location

GravityForms received a feature request two years ago to add the ability to change the description location on the forms from below the input boxes. Instead of putting it AFTER the field, the request was to place the box description above them.

Last year, they listed it as a future feature, but as of version 1.6.9, (today) this feature is still not available. They do still have this on their list for a future release, but in the mean time, this can be accomplished by adding a piece of code to your theme’s header.php.

To move the description from this location:

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Scentsy Theme Menu Fix

Scentsy recently made a change to the About link on their consultants corporate site to point to a different URL, and didn’t redirect the old URL to the new.

Under normal circumstances, best practices and common sense would dictate that you should take care not to “break” the incoming links that come to their site from other websites, ¬†Facebook, etc. but in this case, Scentsy didn’t do that, so everyone link ended up broken.

When we first noticed it, we assumed Scentsy would catch and fix it, but they still haven’t, so you have to fix it yourself. If you have a WordPress theme of your own, you’ve may have already figured it out under Appearance > Menus.

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Changing Our Domain Name?

As a consultant, as far back as 2007, when businesses used to come to me in need of redevelopment, I would tell them that the best thing they could do was to “get WordPressed”.

I explained how they needed to take their dinosaur HTML site and have it converted into the most search friendly system I knew of, and that’s how this particular website was born.

It’s a specialized niche site, to fit the growing industry of converting sites into WordPress, and that’s how the domain name came to be chosen.

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Scentsy WordPress Themes

We’re excited to be working with another company on a new design that will enable Scentsy consultants to have an affordable theme that meets their desired look and feel. This theme will be in 100% compliance with the Scentsy corporate guidelines.

Update August 26 2011 – It’s here – $39 for one color or $99 for all six.

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)

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Optimize Your Database

One of the drawbacks to using WordPress is the fact that if you work hard on your website, not only by adding content regularly, but perhaps changing your page copy, trying different calls to action, working on conversions, etc. then your database can ultimately grow quite large.

While a problem may not present itself for months or years, it’s reasonable to assume that someday, something will go wrong and you’ll wish your database was smaller and cleaner. Perhaps it will come during a routine upgrade and you’ll notice something’s out of whack, or the automatic upgrade will fail, forcing you to upgrade manually.

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WordPress Shopping Cart PCI Compliance

There’s a set of requirements called the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (or “PCI DSS”) and it was developed by the PCISSC – (the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council)

These requirements are designed to provide a standardized set of consistent security measures for merchants to follow that are handling credit card transactions.

The standard includes 12 requirements for maintaining a secure operation:

Build and Maintain a Secure Network

  • Requirement 1: Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data
  • Requirement 2: Do not use vendor-supplied defaults for system passwords and other security parameters

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Upgrading cForms Plugin

Tip on some steps: Before creating or editing files such as abspath.php or cforms.js, change your local directory to a folder named after the site you’re working on. This will help prevent accidental uploading of these edited files for one site onto another, which will cause the forms to stop working. Having these for backup for each site worked on also comes in handy.

1. Before beginning, be sure you have the latest cForms downloaded and unzipped from Delicious Days.

2. FTP to the plugins directory of the site, download a full backup copy of cForms.

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WordPress and Plugin Upgrade Issues

If you blog is installed in a sub-directory rather than the root, here is a list of common errors being seen when attempting wordpress upgrades or installation, upgrade, or removing plugins in wordpress versions 2.8+:

Unable to locate WordPress Plugin directory.

Warning: unlink(/tmp….

Unable to locate WordPress Content directory (wp-content)

How to fix:

The best solution is to create a new ftp login that goes directly to the sub-directory rather than to the root. This usually takes care of the problem right away. When you upgrade in the admin area, it normally asks you for this information before continuing.

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WordPress Automatic Upgrade Has No Backup

It may be common knowledge or common sense, but here’s a quick Q & A on the new built-in upgrade feature of Word Press 2.7 and up.

Starting with 2.7 I typically deactivate and delete the automatic upgrade plugin after upgrade. But mostly of curiosity I left one on when upgrading to 2.7.1.

Should I definitely deactivate and delete the automatic upgrade plugin once upgrading to 2.7? Will it make a difference leaving it on?

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PCI Compliant Cart for WP e-commerce

We are happy users of the WP e-commerce shoppping cart not only for our own site but we use it often for clients as well.

Recently, one of our customers told us that they were being required by their credit card company to pass a certification test verifying that their website was PCI compliant and wanted us to attend to it.

The company doing the compliance check was called Trustkeeper, and I’m very proud to report that right out of the box, with no changes on our part related to their cart, WP e-commerce passed the PCI compliance test with flying colors.

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