Agency WordPress Services

We create and convert existing sites into WordPress environments efficiently and economically for quick agency turnover.

If you have a style guide for your corporate branding, and a graphic artist that can provide PSD files, then we’ll follow it to the pixel.

If you need some design ideas, these 21 responsive themes from our partner Elegant Themes make a good starting point.

We are a “one-size-fits-most” WordPress shop and here’s what we do very well:

We efficiently serve 90% of the small business needs out there, and this is what we’ve chosen to focus on. If you need custom WordPress work, then we may not be able to help you efficiently.

For the price of our standard sites we do not:

  • Entirely replace your graphic designer
  • Write (or rewrite) all of your website content from scratch

However, if you need those services, they can be provided.

For the sake of efficiency, economy, and our sanity, we’ve chosen to implement a sort of assembly line or “cookie cutter” approach, which will serve the needs of the masses, providing a reliable value for our clients.

There are thousands of free and premium WordPress themes to choose from, yet many companies and agencies spend thousands on custom artwork developing THEIR look and feel.

We Do:

  • WordPress Content Importation

In addition to matching your look and feel, some sites may need a complete conversion to the WordPress environment.

The task of copying and pasting all of the old information into the new WordPress site is not difficult, but by offering the full conversion option, we are doing everything for you.

  • WordPress search engine optimization

In our opinion, there is no other system that can match WordPress pound-for-pound when it comes to search engine optimization.

Everything from automated XML site maps to custom description tags can be automated using the latest cutting edge plug-ins available in the open-source WordPress community.

We do not sell plug-ins here, but we will download them, install them, and configure them to work properly. The SEO steps & specific plugins are covered in the 10-15 minute training video that will be made exclusively for you.

Once again, at the prices shown here, we do NOT:

  • Replace your graphic artist
  • Write your content
  • Interact directly with your client

If you have a more specialized need, or require additional services, please phone.

When the time comes to make the website live on your server, we will either need:

  •  Web hosting control panel access – (as an admin user we can care of everything)

Or we’ll need each of these seven components provided:

  • A new MySQL database created
  • The MySQL database web accessible path
  • MySQL admin username
  • MySQL password
  • PHP Admin access URL
  • FTP path
  • FTP username
  • FTP password
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  • Content and SEO

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  • Full Site Conversion

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  • Matched Theme & SEO

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